Are you having trouble with your Certificate not being Registered on the Government Database? We can help. . .
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Now you can Register your Certificate on the System within just a few days. Our professional team ensures that you get the best results IMMEDIATELY and our products are excellent and professional. is the ONLY on-line store in South Africa that offers this service!


Only 2 easy steps via email:
1 - Complete your order form & wait for your sample.
2 - Check your sample, pay and email proof of payment & get results.

(Fake & International Certificates available HERE)

Hi and welcome to, my name is Cindy and we offer you various options:

1 - Matric Certificate AND Registration:
      We make a Matric Certificate to your needs AND get it Registered on the South African Government Database System!

2 - Registration ONLY (of just about any certificate you already have):
      We only Register your EXISTING certificate on the South African Government Database System!

3 - Matric Certificate ONLY (no registration):
      We make a Matric Certificate to your needs and you DON'T want it registered.

4 - Almost ANY Other Certificate (with/without registration):
      We make just about any other Certificate and you can choose to have it registered or not.

5 - Clearing of your name from ITC/RCS:
      We remove your name from bad debt records and readjust your score so you can have a Clean Start.


What must you do?
- Click on the 'ORDER' box and fill in the form COMPLETELY.
- Wait for us to contact you via email (EVERYTHING is done very privately and discreetly)
- After checking your order to see if you are satisfied, you pay.
- You get your order.

How do you Pay?
You pay at any PEP stores or local SPAR with your South African ID Book and your cell phone number then you email me a photo of your receipt (till slip) and the 4-digit pin number as proof of payment or you can pay via CAPITEC's CashSend or NEDBANK's iMali or ABSA's CashSend or STANDARD BANK's CashSend or ACKERMANS's CashSend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will the Matric Certificate take?
The matric certificate is already finished when you see the sample. Once proof of payment is received, it is couriered to you via PostNet-to-PostNet which usually takes around 2 to 3 business days (after proof of payment) depending on your area and unless you have specified and paid for a faster delivery.

How long will the Registration take?
Our registering of certificates take about 4 to 7 business days (after proof of payment) to be placed on the system.

How will I know if it is Registered on the System?
After the Registration period, you will receive an email with a link that you can confirm.

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